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Scott Desiere, author, wrote, “Rather than fitting a square peg in a round hole, Scott-Taylor went outside the box and designed a rare six-hole, links-style golf course at The Links at Foxfield. [After Scott-Taylor was asked to design a nine-hole course into just 4.5 acres of land within an age-restricted development.]...He went on to design a course so that it's managable for the average 55-and-over player yet challening enough for the serious golfer.”


ABC News in Maryland
& Golf World

Scott-Taylor was interviewed as a leading opinion on the plight of the
flood ravaged golf course at the historic Shawnee Inn & Golf Resort in Pennsylvania.

Scott-Taylor stated, “Courses like this are part of the heritage of golf in this country, and they should be preserved regardless of the cost.

This is a seminal piece of American golf course architecture, and when you see it the first time, it really gets in your soul. You worry
that it's getting lost

The Boston Globe

Jim McCabe, reporter, wrote, “Just don't expect the old place to look the same, because in addition to a magical facelift, millions of dollars in improvements, and an inordinate amount of tender loving care, Hopkinton Country Club is a
throwback to an era of course design rarely seen today. That fact is courtesy of Ian Scott-Taylor, who might just be the most intriguing part of a novel story...It's a project that has required teamwork, each will tell you, but the fourth member
of the team is the outsider who is mainly responsible for applying the character that will separate Hopkinton CC from other courses in the area...

Tim Gordon, co-owner, stated, “...He's [Scott-Taylor] sensitive to the Scottish and Irish flavor...

Scott-Taylor responded, “...I love the great, old-style golf courses like Myopia and Essex, [casting his eye upon the 18th fairway]. I hope that's the feeling people get when they play here.”


golf world monthly

Golf World

Ian Scott-Taylor recognized as one of the top 25 architects of golf courses.

(formerly The Washington GOLF Monthly)

David R. Sands, article author writes, “…with a sterling course design, the brainchild of a Welsh designer who sketched out a distinctive British-Isles-style layout
with pencil and notepad while seated under a tree bordering what was at the time an Eastern Shore cornfield...Even w/ the trees, Hunters Oak Golf Club may turn
out to be the best British links interpretation in the States...Squint just a tad, imagine the weather was a little chillier, and you might think you're in a classic British
links course. There are rolling fairway hills and a masterful topographic illusions...Hunters Oak is where Fortune 500 meets Old Tom Morris

Bill Delayo, PGA Pro, stated, “It's got a wonderful flow to it. It's like reading a good book. [Upon indecision from the partners about the design of No. 9, a par-5, that
Delayo admitted to looking impossible from the tee, the following was the reply:]…[to change it] would be like defacing the Mona Lisa. This is a masterpiece.



old golf

Golf Inc.

While being interviewed on his architectural philosphy, Scott-Taylor answered, “Whether it's a member at a private club or Tiger, when he stands on that tee at my golf course, he's got to use what God's given him between his ears to get a score on it. It's man and his tools against nature."


Golf Course Management

Jim Krajicek’s stunning golf photography was featured on the cover of the commemorative issue (August 2002) of this prominent industry magazine for superintendents. This photo is of the completed second hole on the Blue Course at the Stanley Golf Course, designed by Scott-Taylor.


New Jersey Golf Course Owners’ Association

The state association awarded Jumping Brook Country Club Best Renovation in 2001 due to Scott-Taylor’s design, work, and the commitment of being true to traditional golf architectural practices.

The Baltimore Sun

National Sportswriters and Sportscasters Hall of Famer, John Steadman wrote on Hunters Oak Golf Club, “
Golf facilities have been built in the U.S. to resemble what Scotland, Ireland, and England offer, but nothing carrying the authenticity of what Scott-Taylor is doing...It will stand alone in the character it offers... and will offer something different - a vicarious trip to Scotland, Ireland, or England.”


Favourite Holes by Design: The Architect's Choice

Paul Daley, the book’s author, invited Scott-Taylor to write a chapter profiling James Braid's 1911 design on the 1st hole at Holyhead Golf Club, North Wales, UK, which also includes a Scott-Taylor watercolor of Baird's design.

Greenkeeper Magazine

Richard Saunders, author, notes,
The work at East Herts Golf Club shows that extensive work can
be carried out while the course remains open and the benefits of
working closely with the professional team engaged to do the work

Scott-Taylor remarks, “...The good thing about this is that it's been a team effort all the way round. It just proves that the golf architect, constructor, and work with the greens committee and the greenkeeper as a team.



Fore! Magazine

Scott-Taylor says of his design at Hunters Oak Golf Club, “To stand on the tee is to be at one with nature, yourself and what you are about to experience. But the true undying breath of life that now exists should leave you breathless
and yearning for more as you stand on the turf that will be forever British with all its heart and soul. As if you were in a cathedral of majesty and godliness, the land that is now home to this beast is quite serene, yet foreboding...a piece of magic, a place of hope to the unaccomplished, an inspiration to us all. Ladies and gentlemen, I humbly present a piece of art that will be revered, criticised and a point of conversation at many a dinner table...So many Americans
dream of coming to England and playing Lytham and Birkdale, but it's too expensive. This gives them an idea of what to expect. The pros who've seen the course have been terrified. When the wind's blowing it's a long and intimidating


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